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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation services include:


Readiness assessment Our approach takes a look under the covers of your current state of People, Process and Technologies to match against industry Best-Practices with a gap
analysis for future state roadmap for your organization. Our assessment scope includes the following:


Visioning Workshop

Stakeholder Change Impact Analysis

Operating Model

Marketing and Communication Plan

Skills Assessment and Training Plan

Capabilities Transition Plan

Gap analysis of current and future state with roadmap for success.


Design enablement From concept to solutions design to planning for functional production issues, Design Enablement takes a human-centered approach to solving business challenges
while creating a positive experience for end-users.

Product management Our approach reframes software as a product that lives within a broader ecosystem of offerings. It can speed entry to market and help maximize value from new
releases while strengthening your overall portfolio.


Agile transformation At the same time, we advise on achieving Agile Transformation to enhance the effectiveness of design and development capabilities and applying the developer
operations (Dev Ops) framework to build and release software quickly and more incrementally, without compromising service, quality or security.

Cultural transformation A successful organization in the digital age is one that embraces change and makes continual evolution an asset and way of life.

Cultural Transformation is therefore a key part of Deep Learning Science’s services, helping instill the kind of innovative, entrepreneurial, creative culture found in companies leading the digital space.

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